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Start your F&B business right. Right now!

Halomac is designed to help SME entrepreneurs sell their food in popular, high traffic areas with little fresh food access or food conveniences. Merchants only need to sign up, wait for our call, go through our tutorial and start placing their food products in Halomac food stations. It’s not rocket science, but there’s definitely food science.

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An Opportunity To Succeed In F&B

Like we said, if you ever had family and friends compliment your food saying you should probably set up shop and sell some of it, now's your chance. The biggest problem affecting micro F&B entrepreneurs is a proper distribution channel to promote and sell their food. Halomac solves that problem by letting individual cooks put their products on our food platforms across Klang Valley.

Is This For You?

Love to cook but hate the hassles of significant capital, staffing, rental, accounting and headaches? Halomac is for you.

  1. Start small or big, your choice.
  2. Control discounts and promotions with our app.
  3. Get paid directly on time, every time.

Grow Big And Grow From Home

The Halomac Advantage

We use technology and innovation to minimize the costs, maximize efficiency and create economies of scale. We collect and provide you with essential real time information for you to track your sales, make on time important and appropriate decisions. We provide an avenue for you to start a micro food business minus the hassle and inherent risks it normally carries. We provide you a customer base, market your meals and pay you your sales proceeds. That leaves you to focus on your cooking, providing the best meals for your customers.

We don't just want to be a micro food station platform; we help budding F&B entrepreneurs grow and achieve their highest potential.

Zero Investment Required

We just need to choose and place your food products at prime locations you desire. Forget investing in opening a shop.

Bye Bye Overheads

No seriously! Why bother with staff, rent, bills and business expansion? Just focus on making and selling AWESOME food.

Real Time Sales Analytics

What's hot? what's not? which place is selling? Promos? History? etc. We're digitally smart for your smartphone.

High Traffic Distribution Points

Halomac gives an additional way to sell your food products. Don't just rely on your stall/shop/truck. Branch out!

You Are Open 24/7

That's because Halomac's open 24/7. So stock up and catch the crowd at all hours, every day of the year!

Build A Brand

Think BIGGER with Halomac. The more famous your food brand becomes the better your opportunities and profit become.

What You Need to Do

All you need to do is to put your heart and soul into cooking your all time favourites food by using the freshest available ingredients for customers.

Merchant FAQ

Through technology and innovation, we open a platform for these Chefs and Cookers to showcase their culinary repertoire without incurring prohibitive costs.

By be part of Halomac merchant, and we will help you open new outlets in prime area with ZERO investment, easy monitor daily sales, flexible time management, and increase exposure of the brand.

Our Halomac holds unique features compare to the others since it allow you to provide fresh, tasty and honest Hot or Cold meals.

You may register by filling up the form above.

The minimum requirements to become Halomac merchant are:

  1. Must be registered company with SSM
  2. Active Typhoid Certificate (valid at least one year during application)
  3. Bank account must be registered under the company name

There is no restriction on the meal menu as long it is fresh, tasty and suits the taste bud.

You can view all the transaction in Merchant Portal and Merchant Mobile App.

You need to take out your product from Halomac before expired to ensure the freshness and healthiness.

All the list and pictures of the product are accessible through the Halomac apps. It helps consumer to know your product better.

Merchant may terminate from being a merchant by giving a written notice letter to Halomac.