I’m interested in placing a Halomac at my premise

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Here’s what we’re looking for in a location:

  • Low food variety in surrounding areas during the day or night.
  • Premises with over 800 people or more
  • Within Klang Valley

Got a spot for Halomac?

Imagine having 10 or more different F&B outlets in the lobby of your office building. Then imagine all those outlets in a box no bigger than your average chiller.

Introducing Halomac, Malaysia’s most innovative food tech platform that is designed to support food entrepreneurs of all sizes. The platform utilises quick scanning RFID, CCTV, digital payments and digital analytics alongside its hot and cold food stations to provide one of the most intelligent and convenient ways to sell food products.

A Revolutionary Food Station!

Not a microwave oven, Halomac meals are supplied by a large variety of food vendors, big and small who make them fresh daily then stored in a hot or chilled Halomac unit for consumers.

Food Safety

Halomac takes food safety seriously. How serious? We make all our merchants properly package and seal their food. On top of that, all food products within the fridge have a set expiry date, which will be removed accordingly when expired. All food items will clearly be marked should it be close to expiry to make sure you are well informed, be it, customers or merchants. Not to mention, all our merchants have to take mandatory vaccinations before qualifying as one of our food merchants. So yeah, you’re in hygienically safe and good hands.